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Bows & Arrows

The bows are all staves that Madison harvests. He prefers to use Osage Orange, but also likes Hornbeam, and Hickory. There are some bows in stock, they can be built to order, or come on in to learn to build your own weapon.

Madison crafts and sells 3 types of board cut Slingshots: 

Thunder Slingshot


A versatile small game slingshot that shoots ambidextrous; 

well suited for beginners. Similar in power to the Thumper.



Thumper Slingshot


Specialized for right or left handed shooters, increasing precision for small game hunting. Power similar to the Thunder.


Thud Slingshot


The largest slingshot with a heavy handed draw. This weapon has been used to effectively hunt larger animals including deer. This weapon is for the advanced student.




Madison hand forges primitive steel weapons and a variety of artisan items in his workshop. Items are forged using traditional techniques. His workshop has propane and wood fired forges.  Come and watch Madison at work, learn to make your own fire steel, or purchase a one of a kind knife, spear, or parangs. 

Natural Fiber Crafts

The art of harvesting, processing, and weaving natural fibers is a basic primitive skill that is enjoyable and could save your life one day. Madison harvests fibers from yuccas, cedars, and other local sources to process them for use in his award winning crafts and cordage. Check out some of the items Madison has crafted in the past below. Please contact us to see what's in stock, inquire about custom made items, or come learn this craft yourself. 

Leather Harnesses & Goods

Madison crafts handmade leather goods from a variety of sources. Some products are made from materials that he gathered and processed himself. The dog harnesses are made from premium lattigo leather and use copper rivets and burrs. Please contact us to see what's in stock, inquire about custom orders,  or to learn to make your own.

Handcrafted Primitive Supplies 

Madison takes the time to harvest, process, and craft a variety of products.  These include parangs, knives, flint steels, spears, bows & arrows, slingshots, leather dog harnesses, and natural fiber baskets & bags. View the galleries below or come learn how at one of our survival courses.

Thunder: An ambidextrious slingshot, with enough power to hunt small game. $65